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This educational activity features video demonstrations of patient interviews, product reconstitution, and case studies related to the use of nonsurgical approaches to facial aesthetics. Each video features Dr. Simon Ourian, an expert in aesthetic medicine as proctor and mentor of each section. These video demonstrations are designed to be viewed in sequence.

Product trade names are used throughout the video demonstrations in order to help avoid any confusion that may arise from the use of product generic names.

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Section 1. Understanding the Aging Process: What the Face is Telling Us
Video #1

Section 2. Effective Patient Interaction: Success Begins Here
Video #2 10:45

Section 3. Neuromodulators: Similarities and Differences

Section 4. Dermal Fillers: Which, When, How and Why?
Dermal Fillers: Which, When, How and Why 18:59

Section 5. The Practicum: Incorporating Aesthetic Medicine into Clinical Practice
The Practicum: Incorporating Aesthetic Medicine into Clinical Practice 15:33

III. Take the Test, Submit Evaluation, Practical Implications, and Request for Certificate forms

Instructions for Obtaining Credit

Once you have viewed all the videos, you can obtain appropriate credit by completing the CME test and evaluation, and receiving a score of 80% or better on the 5-question post-test.

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